District 3:  Road and Bridge Report

Don Hawthorne, County Commissioner District 3

Spring, summer and fall, when the low temperature is above 50 degrees is our road oil and chipping season. The May floods and subsequent clean up and repair delayed us starting as early as we would have liked to do. Therefore, we ran behind getting to the roads we had scheduled for this year. We were lucky to have a longer than usual warm season.

The roads that we have oil and chipped are Bishop between Deyo and Red Elk Roads, Indiahoma from Lee Blvd. to Coombs, Hillary from Meers Porterhill to State Highway 58, Airport Road from Cache Road north to the end of the road, Wildflower Circle in the City of Cache, Airport Road from Coombs to Pecan Road, Coombs Road from County Road 115 to Airport Road, and portions of streets in Pecan Valley South, Wichita Mountain Estates and Pecan Valley North.

In cooperation with the Comanche Nation, we have gone out for bid to asphalt the streets on the east side of the City of Cache. That bid opening will be on November 9th at the Comanche County Board of County Commissioner’s meeting.

We patched the pot holes on Indiahoma Road from U.S. 62 to the Refuge gate. Ft. Sill had 138 low water crossings wash out during the May flood. The heavy trucks hauling gravel to repair them and trucks coming from the dismantling of Job Corp caused the road to deteriorate more than it would have normally. Also our crew worked at smoothing out some rough spots west of Indiahoma.

At the request of the residents in Pecan Valley South, a street light was installed at the corner of 112th Street and Cache Road to light the dark intersection. A portion of the intersection is in the Lawton City limits, therefore an agreement was reached between the City and County to share in the cost of the installation and operation of the street light.

We purchased a new oil distributor truck to be used in our oil and chipping operation. It replaces one that was bought in 1992, and required continuous repairs to keep it operating. In our continuing effort to upgrade the equipment, we purchased two new John Deere tractors and mowers. We picked up 9 pickup trucks off of State surplus to replace ours that have high mileage.

As a result of the new acquisitions, we are selling via the bid process a number of pickups, tractors and some heavy equipment. If you are interested, you may inquire at the District 3 County Barn at 907 H Avenue in Cache.

Tinhorns were installed in the City of Cache and Town of Chattanooga. At the request of Cache Public Schools, we cleaned out the bar ditches in front of the school along H Avenue.

About 10:00 p.m. on October 12th, Road Foreman, Kenny Kinder got a call from dispatch concerning a 40 pound box of roofing nails that had been spilled along Cache Road from Hop-N-Sak to Airport Road. Kenny, Flint Runyan, James Morehead, and Carl Mullins hooked our 5-foot industrial strength magnet on the loader and picked up nails in the roadway and went out the next morning and ran the magnet over the shoulder of the road.

About 2:00 a.m. on the 16th of October, Kenny got a call from dispatch requesting a grader and loader at a wildfire at Lee Blvd. and Bigbow Road.  He, Flint Runyan and Dennis Long responded to provide assistance.

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the Courthouse or County Barn and I will return your call.

 You can access this report monthly on the county web site as well as the County Times. The official web site is maintained by the Comanche County Public Information Office.