Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (Feb 2014)


The holidays are behind us, and we are looking forward to a productive year in 2014.   The crew took their vacations, and we were glad to not have to ask them back on to the job for any weather related emergencies. 

Road Foreman, Kenny Kinder, and a number of guys worked Super Bowl Sunday clearing the snow from roads.  Some of the roads received large amounts of traffic before they could be plowed, and they turned to ice making it difficult to clear off.  But the crew did a good job - hauled lots of sand, plowed lots of roads and made the roads as safe as they could. 

The ice storm last month caused some damage to sections of about 20 miles of District 3 roads.  Road Foreman Kenny Kinder, FEMA Coordinator Debbie McDonald and I met with representatives from FEMA and Oklahoma Emergency Management to determine if we qualify for assistance to repair this damage.  The economic damage has to reach a threshold dollar amount for us to qualify.  We will be informed of their decision later. 



Road and Bridge Report: District 1 Jan. 2014 pt 2)


Hope everyone is getting 2014 started out the right way, and continuing to pursue those New Year's resolutions. The weather has limited the work road crews in the district can proceed with, but it doesn't mean we have slowed down. Crews have been working in a number of areas withing the district, cleaning out ditches and removing debris, as well as other routine mainenance. If we missed any in your area, please call 580-492-4328.

Tin horns are also being placed at the intersection of Cache Road and Bethel Road to improve conditions.

As always, please pay attention to signs and crews in the roads. Thank you for your continued patience!


Road and Bridge Report: District 3 January 2014)


This past month snow, sleet and ice have occupied our time.  We estimate that during the last storm, we used over 500 tons of sand.  Much time was spent cleaning off bridges of an accumulation of ice and sand. 

At the request of Medicine Park officials, we sanded the major streets and hauled several loads of sand for them to use where needed.

We have purchased additional sanders from ODOT.  This will double our capability to sand roads and bridges during snow and ice weather conditions.

We rented a crack sealer to fill in the cracks that had developed in our asphalt roads due to drought conditions. We were particularly concerned about a number of cracks that had developed in the new portion of Lee Blvd.  By filling the cracks, it will prevent water from getting into the cracks and causing further damage to the road when it freezes. 



Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (Jan. 2014 pt.1)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I truly hope all of you enjoyed the time spent with family over the holidays, I know I did. 

Distrcit 1 road crews will be working on clearing debris in the district until at least Friday. Due to the ice and wind, there are many downed limbs and brush blocking road ways. 

If there is anything debris on the roads in your area, please let us know at 580.492.4328.


Thank you and have a great week!


Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (Decl 2013 pt.1)


Winter weather may adversly affect the county, but we try to not let it bring road crews to a halt. Over the course of last week crews worked on Woodlawn, east of Oklahoma 65. Crews completed a number of improvements; including the clearing of a right of way, fixed a low water crossing and straighened out a dangerous curve in the road. 

This week focus will be shifted to the bridge on King Road. The road will be closed from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Tuesday, while crews work, but it will reopen that afternoon. Work will be completed on the bridge by friday.


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