Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (Nov. 2013)


We finally had our first fall freeze and have finished mowing ditches along graveled roads.  The growing season has been longer than normal and the weeds were tall.  Of course in Oklahoma, “What is normal weather?”   With the snow fall this past weekend, the County crew were busy sanding bridges & intersections.  In anticipation of icy winter weather, a crew has trimmed trees along tree lined roads and around bridges.

With cooler temperatures, this has ended our oil and chipping for this year. Our plans were to oil and chip the two miles of Stoney Point Road from State Highway 49 to Welch Road the week of October 25th, but two soft spots developed in the base of the first mile – one at Foxfire Road and one at Curtis Road.  We had to dig out the bad base, build it up and we finished the last mile from Tackle Box Road to State Highway 49 on Friday November 15.

Other roads we have oil and chipped since my last report are Lee Blvd. from Indiahoma Road to 157th Road and Red Elk Road from Cache Road to Lee Blvd.

We put a single oil and chip overlay on Gore Blvd. from Airport Road to Crater Creek Road, and on Bandy from Holsey Acres Road to New Cache Road.

We put asphalt millings on Stoney Point Road north of Meers-Porterhill Road and on Autumn Drive.



Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (Nov. 2013)


As everyone begins preparing for Thanksgiving, road crews in district 1 are working hard to repair roads for the citizens of Comanche County. This week, county workers will be repairing a bridge ½ mile east of the intersection of Oklahoma 17 and Meers-Porter Hill Road. Due to the work, the road will be closed, with a projected reopen date of Wednesday, Nov. 20. Please make plans for alternate route of travel and pay close attention to workers and signs in construction areas.

Thank you again for your patience. I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time spent, and turkey consumed, with your families. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (October 2013 pt.2)


While we are glad to get some of this rain, it has slowed down the progress of the district 1 road crews in the county. Now that the weather has passed, crews will continue rippings a number of roads in Elgin - "C" Street, "D" Street and "E" Street. 

Progress on North Drive has been slowed due to the cold front. The overlay and chip process will continue when the weather permits. 

As usual, thank you for your patience as we continue our efforts to make the roads safer for citizens of the county. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (October 2013)


Last week was a busy week for District 1 road crews. The week began with work on 135th Street, working from North Drive north for 3/4 miles. Crews also cleaned berms and began recycling in Fletcher.

This week, crews will lay a second coat and overlay to the oil and chipped areas on King Road and Wolfe Road. BY the end of the week, crews will begin the overlay and chipping in the Fletcher city limits. 

Weather permitting, North Drive and 135th will be oil and chipped. If it is not done this week, it will be finished next week. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (September 2013)



There is a feel of fall in the air and we are hustling to get as many of our FEMA roads completed as we can.  FEMA funds are paying to repair and redo roads that were damaged in the 2010 ice storm. We have until March 2014 to finish the projects.  There is a possibility of getting an extension, if needed.

This past month we have completed three miles on Tackle Box Rd. from State Highway 58 to Stoney Point Rd., and two miles of 4-Mile from Tackle Box Rd to Welch Rd.  Two miles of Red Elk Rd. from Cache Rd. to Lee Blvd. are almost completed; however, the road crew found several spots in the base that must be dug out and replaced with 1½ inch gravel and then repacked the road base.  Once that is done the oil and chips can go down. 

Stoney Point Rd. has been made ready to oil and chip one mile from Tackle Box Rd. to McIntosh Rd.  Once that mile is completed, we will redo Stoney Point Rd. from Tackle Box Rd. to S. H. 49.

While we are waiting on the City of Lawton to get the concrete cross-drains for the 112th street project, we have been hauling native gravel to the Phase 1 portion of the road to raise the road bed base. Also, regarding 112th Street, Road Foreman Kenny Kinder and I met with Cobb Engineering to start the design of Phase 2 of this project.  This second phase will go from Cache Road to 100 feet north of the railroad tracks.



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