Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (July 2013 pt.1)


Now that the rain has subsided, it's time to get back to work!

Believe it or not, the rain is actually very beneficial to road construction. Despite not being able to oil and chip in the rain, the precipitation helps to harden the base in areas that have been primed, sort of a homemade concrete. The harder the base, the more steadfast the road will be afte the oil and chip process is completed.

This week, crews will be priming the area of 201th Street and Cross Road, as well as 210th and Townley Road. Crews will then begin priming at Cross and 240th Street, heading north.

All areas will be primed and go through the oil and chip process this week.

Thank you for your patience and please pay attention to road signs and crews working in the areas.  


Road and Bridge Report: District 1 June 2013 pt. 2)


Now that the weather is heating up, road crews can begin making good head way on the oil and chip process. This week, crews will focus on an area north on east Gore Boulevard.

The week will begin with oil and chip work on Gore and Cache, working east of trail road. Upon completion, crews will then move to 120th Street, north of Gore. Chipping will also be done on 180th Street and 240th Street. Townley will also be chipped this week.

Due to corn harvest this week, there will be roads in the area that are skipped, but we will come back to those. We cannot begin the oil and chip process with harvesters on the roads. The traffic would cause the newly fixed road to bleed, or seep oil back to the top. 

Thank you for your patience and please pay attention to signs and people on the roads. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (June 2013)


Our office space, an addition to the County barn, was finished this past month and we finally are all moved in.   As soon as we get settled, we are planning an open house.   

Summer has set in and the grass has started to grow at a rapid rate.  The mowing crews have begun mowing their territories.  The bridge guard railings have been sprayed with weed killer. The intersections that had trees and shrubs blocking the view of oncoming traffic were trimmed back.

The rains this month have slowed getting the roads that are scheduled to be redone.  The road crew finished preparing Stoney Point Road and is now working on Tackle Box Road and will move on to Four Mile Road and also we are widening a narrow bridge on Four Mile Road north of Tackle Box intersection.  There have been several fatalities at the bridge through the years.

With the warm temperatures, we plan to start oiling and chipping the roads that were prepared this past winter.  As of now, we plan to start with Post Oak Road and work our way east to Crater Creek Road and Paint Road and then move to the roads in the northern part of the District to include Stoney Point, Tackle Box and Four Mile roads.

After several meetings with Lawton engineers and Cobb Engineering, the final engineer’s plan and design for Phase 1 of the 112th Street project has been approved by the Comanche County Board of County Commissioners and the Lawton City Council.  We have had a meeting with the utilities companies and they should have their part done by July 17.  The construction of Phase 1 of 112th Street from Lee Blvd to the Railroad tracks will begin on June 17.  This portion of the road will be closed to traffic during construction.



Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (June 2013 pt. 1)


It seems as though the wet stuff has subsided for now, allowing the opportunity for our crews to begin the oil and chip process on a number of primed roads. The main focus this week will be in four areas: Ranger Estates, 60th Street, 75th Street and Coombs Road.

Crews will begin the week working in Ranger Estates, before moving onto a stretch of 60th from Bishop Road to Highway 7.

The week will wrap up with work on 75th Street, working from Bishop to Highway 7, as well as work on Coombs, from 90th heading west.



Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (May 2013 pt. 2)


While the rain we have been receiving is much needed, it has slowed down progress with our road crews. This week, we will be ripping up King Road, east of Tony Creek - mainly in the areas where water has washed out the road. We will also be working in the area of Pond Lane, heading east. The next task for the week will be applying the overlay on Miller Road. 

All of this will be weather permitting. In the event we do receive more rain, crews will continue to go over recycled roads with more water and gravel to continue to keep the foundation hard prior to the overlay. As the weather begins to heat up, we will aggressively begin the oil and chip process.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the county roads. Please pay attention to warning signs and be aware of crews on the roads. 


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