Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (May 2013 pt.1)


After some much needed rain, road crews in District 1 are back to work. Last week, the team ripped from Oklahoma 277 to Watts Road early in the week and finished out the week ripping on 75th Street on Cleeman, heading from North Drive to Wolfe Road.

This week, weather permitting, crews will begin ripping and recycling from Watts Road to North Drive. Work will continue on the north side of Elgin, working east and west.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to improve the roads in the district. Just a reminder ... the roads are being ripped now, covered with gravel, and will be oiled and chipped this summer. Please pay attention to road signs for your safety and the safety of workers on the roads. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (May 2013)


And the rains came!  And when they did, the results were many of the bridges were clogged with limbs, logs and other debris.  The two-years of severe drought caused many trees to die and fall into the creeks and high water washed them down stopping up bridges causing flooding of many roads and also resulting in road damage.

The District 3 crew has spent the better part of two weeks cleaning out clogged bridges and burning the debris.  Had the bridges not been cleaned, the next heavy rains would have cause more flooding, road damage and possible loss of the bridge itself.

Flooding also occurred on Lee Blvd east of the Boulder Creek Bridge washing away the shoulder and undermining the new asphalt road surface. We used a cement mixture call "flowable fill" to reinforce the road and prevent damage in case future flooding occurs.

The road crew patched several bad spots on MeersPorterhill Road, and they graveled a stretch of Wolf Road.  The crew did finish preparing Post Oak Road between Bishop Road and the Post Oak Creek Bridge for oil and chipping this summer.



Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (April 2013 pt. 2)


Road crews are continuing work on Townley Road this week, working back towards 150th Street. Upon completion on Townley, crews will shift efforts to 150th Street, north of Townley Road. Last week crews began work on Townley beginning at Trail ROad and worked east.

Please use extreme caution when driving on the gravel roads. Also, please remember the roads will remain gravel for an extended period of time. Crews will begin the oil and chip process in May, beginning in the areas which were recycled first. 


Road and Bridge Report: District 1 (April 2013 pt.1)


Road crews in the district will be working on .3 miles of 120th street, before beginning work on Townley Road at Highway 150, working west. During this stretch, we will only be recycling the bad areas of the road.

Please be aware of road crews and pay attention to signs.

Also, it was brought to my attention that we have not been clear on the recyling process. Due to the time constraints for FEMA reimbursement, we are recycling all at once and will begin the oil and chip process at the beginning of May. The reason for completing all of the recycling before beginning the oil and chip process is two fold: 1. The traffic, rain and weathering hardens the base of the road prior to the oil and chip, in effect making the roads safer while lasting longer. 2. We are able to complete more stretches of road by focusing all efforts on recycling, then pressing forward with all efforts on the oil and chip.

As always, we appreciate your patience and welcome any questions you may have. Thank you


Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (April 2013)


The road crew continues to get roads ready to be oiled and chipped this summer.  As reported last month, we have Paint, Crater Creek, and Deyo Mission Roads ready to be finished.

This month we plan to start redoing Post Oak Road starting at Bishop Road and going south to the Post Oak Creek Bridge, and Four-Mile Road starting at SH 49 to Allison Road, Tackle Box Road from Stoney Point Road to Four Mile Road, and Stoney Point Road starting at SH49 north to McIntosh Road.

Invitation to bid on the Deyo Mission Road Project was sent out the last week of March. Bid opening will be April 22, 2013.  The road will be resurfaced from the new part of the Lee Blvd intersection and extend to old Cache Road.

Action Safety Supply Co. striped over 58 miles of roads throughout the District.  This was our number one request, and we are glad the weather got warm enough to complete it. The roads that were striped were: 82nd Street, County Road 115 from Cache to Chattanooga, Indiahoma Road to the refuge, Madische Road, McCracken Road, Meers-Porterhill, Old Cache Road, and Wolf Road.



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