Distrct 1: Road and Bridge Report (October 2012 pt.2)


The recent cold weather has slowed down some of the process on the roads in District 1; however, despite the weather, crews will be out working this week in two areas.

Road crews will be working on Mountain View, preparing to begin the chipping process, weather permitting.

Work will also continue on Whitfield Road. Last week, crews recycled and chipped a number of areas. This week, they will attempt an asphalt overlay on certain areas, again, only if the weather permits.

Thank you for your patience and please pay attention to signs and workers in the road. Be safe!

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District 3: Road and Bridge Report (October 2012)


The warm weather, along with a few rain showers, has caused the grass to continue to grow and as a result the mowing crews are getting the last cut in before the onset of winter.

We have finished redoing five streets in Cache that were scheduled for this year. The City has told us they will be requesting additional streets, which will be put on next year’s schedule.

We recycled the existing street surface on N.W. Pecan Valley Dr. and N.W. Valley Ridge Dr. in the Pecan Valley North Addition. Also, the bad spots on N.W. Forest Lane have been dug out and patched. Those streets will be oiled and chipped. When these streets were originally put in they were not done with a good road base nor was there adequate drainage. The road crew had to take out over 100 tons of dirt and put in 200 tons of rock before the road would set up under the packing machine and allow it to be chipped. The extra work caused this project to take longer than was planned.

We helped Indiahoma with their semi-annual cleanup day. Four dump trucks were assigned to this task and in two days hauled off 37 loads of trash, old furniture and limbs.



District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Oct. Pt. 1)


With weather finally on our side, road crews began the work on Whitfield Road this week. Crews began work on the first mile north of Sterling. Crews will be working north, closing stretches of the roads in increments while they are worked on.

While working on Whitfield, crews will be recyclying the bad areas and applying asphalt overlays to the areas that do not need to be recycled. 

Please be aware of crews on the road and pay attention to all traffic signs. As always, thank you for your patience as we complete this project.


District 3: Road and Bridge Report (September 2012)


This past month in District 3, we have had enough rain to make the grass start to grow causing us to start mowing again.  But there was not enough rain to run water into the farm ponds, unfortunately.

The road crew put a second layer of oil and chips on Deyo Mission Road from Woodland Road to Base Line.  We also oil and chipped New Hope Road from State Highway 36 east to Hurst Road.

The crew is now working on four streets in Cache and should have Pecan, Walnut, E and D Circle Streets completed by the end of the week. First and Elm Streets were completed earlier this year.

We worked with the City of Lawton to get the needed easement for the Miller Road improvement project that the Kiowa Nation is funding.  The project starts at Meers-Porter Hill Road and extends south to the Mt. Scott Kiowa United Methodist Church. The engineering is complete, and with this easement, only one or two utility poles need to be moved and the construction can be started.  The Kiowa Nation Transportation Department will be responsible for getting the contractor.



District 1: Road and Bridge Report (Sept Pt. 1)


This week road crews will be oil-and-chipping on Gore from 60th heading east and on Bishop Road and Bethel Road heading West. Crews will also be recylcing in front of Cox's Store, heading west (recycling bad areas).

Last week, crews overlayed on Bishop and 120th Street, as well as 75th Street and the Conquistador Aaddition. The road from Bishop to Bethel, heading west to the concrete bridge, was chipped. Also, Woodlawn, west of 65th, was chipped. 

Please pay attention to road signs and be aware of working in the road. Thank you for your patience


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