District 1: Road and Bridge Report (June 2012 pt. 3)


The weather has made our road crews job more difficult, as they have had to maintain roads rather than progress on them. But, the rain has been a good thing for many people in this county.

This week, the crews will be working on 90th Street and Baseline Road, as well as Baseline Road and Flower Mound Road (working north one mile on Flower Mound).

Work on the roads began with priming earlier in the week, before moving on to the oil-and-chip process later in the week.

Please exercise caution on these roads and be aware of "Fresh Oil" signs. Our preferred speed limit, both for your safety and the roads themselves, is 15 mph.



District 3: Road and Bridge Report (June 2012)


Don Hawthorne, County Commissioner District 3

The periodic rains over the past month have kept the road grader crews busy maintaining the roads.  Also the high winds this month have caused the trees that died from last year’s drought to fall into the road ways. So the crews have been alert to identify and remove them before they cause problems.

The rains have also slowed our oiling and chipping and have put us behind schedule.  The crew did finish Gore Blvd. between Post Oak Rd. and Timber Lane Rd.  Also completed was Post Oak Rd. from Lee Blvd to Coombs Rd.  We have completed Elm Street in Cache between 8th and just past 5th Streets.  Per our agreement with the City of Cache, we will redo 2nd, 3rd, Walnut, Pecan, and D Circle Streets before the summer is over.

I have been contacted by several people about a burn ban, and particularly a ban on fireworks.  When the Legislature passed the law delegating the burn ban authority to the County Commissioners they established a set criteria that had to be met before a ban could be imposed. Comanche County has yet to meet that criteria.



District 1: Road and Bridge Report (June 2012 pt. 2)


Road Crews will continue work this week in east Lawton. The crews will continue the oil-and-chip process on Baseline Road (from Flower Mound Road to 75th Street), while also working on Flower Mound Road (from Baseline Road to Tinney Road).

Next week, the crews will work on 45th Street (South to Baseline Road), while working there way out to Devine Road.

Per our ususal request, please avoid these roads while the crews are in the oil-and-chip process. The longer the oil can sit undistrubed, the stronger the final product. If a detour is not feasible, please slow down to 15 mph while on the marked roads. "Fresh Oil" signs will be posted in the areas drivers need to exercise caution.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress.

You may email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any comments or questions.


District 1: Road and Bridge Report (June 2012)


Well I hope everyone made it through the severe weather with minimal damage.

The severe weather has made it difficult to move forward with the road crews progression; however, we need the rain. To combat the weather and get back ahead of our goals, road crews will begin recycling roads in the district to be sure the roads are ready for the oil-adn-chip process when the weather permits.

Crews will be working on south 60th Street, working east and west on Coombs, Woodlawn and Tinney Roads. The crew will also be recycling a one-mile stretch on Flower Mound (heading south to Baseline), a stretch of Baseline Road (from Flower Mound to 75th Street), 75th Street (three miles south of Baseline), as well as a two-mile stretch of Devine Road by Geronimo.

The rain will ruin a road with oil on it, so by recycling during the rainy weather we can keep active and continue to make headway on the road projects. Thank you for your patience.

Keep checking for more updates.


District 1: Road and Bridge Report (May 2012 pt. 2)


Road crews are back in full force working in District 1 today, continuing the chi-and-oil process in the eastern portion of Comanche County.

After completing the work on Bishop Road (from 45th Street to 60th Street), 60th Street (from Bishop Road to Coombs Road) and Bishop Road out to 75th Street, road crews will continue working in the area around 60th street.

Weather permitting; the road crew will begin the oil-and-chip process on 60th Street (south of Woodlawn), followed by work on Coombs (60th Street through 90th). The next step will be to continue working east on Coombs, past 90th Street.



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