Comanche County, Oklahoma

Welcome to the official website for Comanche County Government. Here you will find information on many programs and services, as well as subjects of interest to residents and visitors. We are here to offer assistance in making Comanche County a great place to live, work and play.


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The Sheriff's House Sale

The Sheriff's House Sale is a public auction to sell repossessed properties, and it occurs periodically throughout the year. Sales are usually held on a scheduled Monday, at 11:00am in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Courthouse (Room 302). A list of properties is listed below. Be advised that the list is subject to change, and may not be complete. For a current list, you will have to visit the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse (Room 102).


June 13, 2018

CJ-2017-662 13422 NE Kleeman Road, Elgin 145,000 10-May-18 Riggs Constitution
CJ-2018-86 812 East Lake Drive 122,000 10-May-18 Mackey Constitution
CJ-2017-539 705 SW 14th Street 75,000 10-May-18 Nunley Constitution
CJ-2014-498 Read Legal 63,750 10-May-18 Smith Constitution
CJ-2017-769 5307 SW Tyler Avenue 135,000 10-May-18 Mock County Times
CJ-2017-660 1508 SE Walnut Creek Road 85,000 10-May-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-778 623 NW Granite Avenue, Cache 90,000 10-May-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-855 328 NW Compass Drive 55,000 10-May-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2018-21 Read Legal 22,500 10-May-18 Copeland County Times
CJ-2018-22 Read Legal 15,000 10-May-18 Copeland County Times
CJ-2018-47 7107 NW Birch Place 55,000 10-May-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2018-67 276 Simmons Circle, Elgin 152,000 10-May-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2017-147 1705 NW Bell Avenue 42,000 10-May-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2018-56 3818 SE Dorchester Drive 34,000 10-May-18 Mock County Times
CJ-2018-23 4711 SE 47th Street 72,500 10-May-18 Mock County Times
CJ-2017-817 1232 SW 25th Place 29,000 10-May-18 Mock County Times
CJ-2018-101 4506 SW 45th Place 59,000 10-May-18 Mock County Times



Tax Sale

June 11, 2018


Properties held for resale due to non-payment of taxes will be held Monday, June 11, at 10:00am in the County Commissioners' Meeting Room (Room 302 at the Comanche County Courthouse). All payments must be in cash and must be paid after each property is sold. CLICK HERE for a list of properties. CLICK HERE for bidding instructions. Our posted list may not be up to date as individuals are making payments on their property every day. For a current list, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 580-355-5763.


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