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Sheriff's House Sale - October 23, 2017

This list is subject to change and may not be complete. For a complete list of properties, please visit the Sheriff's Office at 315 SW 5th Street, Room 302, Lawton, OK 73501.

CJ-2016-817 7210 SW Drakestone Blvd 80,000 14-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2017-294 602 W Harper, Fletcher 49,000 14-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2017-231 5724 NW Ash Avenue 48,000 14-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2015-848 2301 NW 36th Street 40,000 14-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2017-260 714 NW Columbia Avenue 32,000 14-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2017-230 603 West C Avenue, Cache 68,000 14-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2017-265 1908 NW Euclid Avenue 47,500 14-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2017-91 3807 NW Meadowbrook Drive 49,000 14-Sep-17 Nunley Constitution      
CJ-2017-199 305 NE 48th Street 59,000 14-Sep-17 Nunley Constitution      
CJ-2017-158 505 NW Dearborn Avenue 28,000 21-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2017-230 603 West C Avenue, Cache 68,000 21-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2017-542 2405 NW 47th 15,000 21-Sep-17 Copeland County Times      
CJ-2016-813 12202 East Gore Blvd 48,500 21-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlake County Times      
CJ-2017-428 2906 NW 19th Street 34,000 21-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlake County Times      
CJ-2017-311 419 NW 72nd Street 59,000 21-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlake County Times      
CJ-2017-452 1709 SW 14th Street 27,500 21-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlake County Times      
CJ-2017-387 1748 SW 12th Street 39,000 21-Sep-17 Baer-Timberlake County Times      
CJ-2017-235 502 NW 124th Street 30,000 21-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2017-2 605 SW Sedelia Place 39,000 21-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2016-566 7630 NW Folkstone Way 72,000 21-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2016-365 2304 NW 73rd Street 85,000 21-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2017-82 30 SW 50th Street 59,000 21-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2017-408 SEE ADDRESS BELOW 127,500 21-Sep-17 Shapiro County Times      
CJ-2013-56 1628 NW 38th Street 52,000 21-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2016-693 1504 NW 49th Street 37,000 21-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2017-193 1112 SW 78th Street 140,000 21-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2017-442 4505 NW Lincoln Avenue 35,000 21-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2013-163 7702 NW Lawton Avenue 117,500 21-Sep-17 Kivell-Rayment County Times      
CJ-2016-406 3918 SW Pecan Place 55,000 21-Sep-17 Fuller Constitution      
CJ-2017-363 5104 NW Liberty Avenue 98,000 21-Sep-17 Nunley Constitution      
CJ-2017-356 149 Landon Lane 225,000 21-Sep-17 Nunley Constitution      
CJ-2017-249 5012 SE Pebble Creek Road 110,000 21-Sep-17 Riggs Constitution RECALL    
CJ-2017-250 1801 NW 80th Street 35,000 21-Sep-17 Riggs Constitution      
CJ-2017-405 406 NW 29th Street 63,000 21-Sep-17 Riggs Constitution      
CJ-2017-257 401 North Martin, Fletcher 65,000 21-Sep-17 Mock County Times      
CJ-2017-227 Read Legal Tract 1 40,000 21-Sep-17 Smith Constitution      
CJ-2017-227 Read Legal Tract 2 18,000 21-Sep-17 Smith Constitution      
CJ-2017-408 318 North Mountain Meadow Drive, Cache          

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