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The Sheriff's House Sale

The Sheriff's House Sale is a public auction to sell repossessed properties, and it occurs periodically throughout the year. Sales are usually held on a scheduled Monday, at 11:00am in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Courthouse (Room 302). A list of properties is listed below. Be advised that the list is subject to change, and may not be complete. For a current list, you will have to visit the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse (Room 102).

April 9, 2018 Sale

CJ-2017-293 1211 NW Parkview Blvd 62,000 01-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2016-821 4804 SE Red Bud Place 72,000 01-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2017-769 5307 West Tyler Avenue 135,000 NON PUB Lamun-Mock
CJ-2017-785 Read Legal 50,000 08-Mar-18 Smith Constitution
CJ-2017-703 462 SW Bradford Lane 90,000 08-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2017-750 1715 NW Ozmun Avenue 17,500 08-Mar-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2017-812 2505 NW Columbia 20,000 08-Mar-18 Shapiro County Times
CJ-2017-524 1116 1st Street, Elgin 118,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-593 719 SW Butterfield Drive 22,500 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-778 623 NW Granite Avenue 90,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-307 1008 SW McKinley Avenue 10,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-23 402 NW Rogers Lane, Unit 1 28,500 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-780 2206 NW 45th Street 50,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-340 2405 SW 43rd Street 52,000 08-Mar-18 Baer-Timberlake County Times
CJ-2017-810 101 Tyler Avenue, Chattanooga 16,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2016-359 5543 NW Eisenhower Drive 110,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-714 2217 SW Edinburough Drive 138,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-728 706 NW Mickelgate Blvd 87,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-811 1612 NW Black Mesa Drive 65,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-678 2704 NW 26th Street 23,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-510 2411 NW 6th Street 54,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times
CJ-2017-681 27 NW 29th Street 47,000 08-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2017-574 515 NW Cheryl Circle 58,000 08-Mar-18 Lamun-Mock County Times
CJ-2014-199 3817 SE Camelot Drive 78,000 08-Mar-18 Kozeny-McCubbin Constitution
CJ-2017-663 7311 NW Andrews Avenue 62,000 08-Mar-18 Kelley Constitution
CJ-2017-734 2689 SE Trail Road 118,000 08-Mar-18 Kivell-Rayment County Times


April 9, 2018 Equipment Sale

This sale will be held with the House Sale at the Courthouse. There will be a viewing on April 6 at Bridges Auction in Elgin (8113 State Highway 17) from 1:30pm-3:30pm. Please contact the Sheriff's Office for more information: 580-353-4280.

CJ-2017-687 2007 Chevrolet SK3 CW Truck Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 2004 Heston 9260 Swather Windrower with 9070 Header Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 Heston 8400 Swather Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 John Deere 4240 Tractor with front end loader Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 John Deere 4430 Tractor with front end loader Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 2000 H&S HDH Hay Rake Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution
CJ-2017-687 John Deere 567 Hay Baler Pub 16 Mar 18 Constitution



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