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The Sheriff's House Sale

The Sheriff's House Sale is a public auction to sell repossessed properties, and it occurs periodically throughout the year. Sales are usually held on a scheduled Monday, at 11:00am in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Courthouse (Room 302). A list of properties is listed below. Be advised that the list is subject to change, and may not be complete. For a current list, you will have to visit the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse (Room 102).


January 6

CJ-2019-334 Read Legal 50,000 28-Nov-19 Latham Constitution  
CJ-2019-136 7901 NW Terrace Hills Blvd 92,000 28-Nov-19 Shapiro County Times  
CJ-2019-277 4107 NW Meadowbrook 107,500 28-Nov-19 Kozeny Constitution  
CJ-2018-797 1407 NW Williams 14,000 28-Nov-19 Kozeny Constitution  
CJ-2019-14 Read Legal 22,500 28-Nov-19 Copeland County Times  
CJ-2019-566 Read Legal 135,000 28-Nov-19 Copeland County Times  
CJ-2019-571 Read Legal 120,000 28-Nov-19 Copeland County Times  
CJ-2018-474 406 NW 69th Street 45,000 21-Nov-19 Baer County Times  
CJ-2018-720 4623 SW Beta Avenue 49,000 21-Nov-19 Baer County Times  
CJ-2019-178 906 NW 41st Street 48,000 28-Nov-19 Baer County Times  
CJ-2019-184 5013 SW Country Club Drive 175,000 21-Nov-19 Baer County Times  
CJ-2019-396 2039 SW 45th Street 139,500 28-Nov-19 Baer County Times  
CJ-2019-173 114 Mohawk Avenue, Geronimo 65,000 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times RECALL
CJ-2019-261 737 SW Sedalia Avenue 29,000 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times  
CJ-2019-276 102 NE English Street 58,500 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times  
CJ-2019-324 1615 SE Hill Crest Avenue 45,000 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times RECALL
CJ-2019-467 3 Valleybrook Drive 115,000 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times  
CJ-2019-502 327 S Brookdale Road 20,000 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times  
CJ-2019-550 1429 NW Great Plains Blvd 51,000 28-Nov-19 Mock County Times  
CJ-2019-69 204 SW Crystal Hills Drive 78,000 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-266 1507 SW 68th Street 79,000 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-365 4708 SE Mieling Drive 44,000 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-466 6414 NW Birch Avenue 24,000 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-512 2158 NW Lincoln Avenue 17,500 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-529 1216 SW Washington Avenue 24,500 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-536 160 NE Lilylamb Road, Fletcher 137,500 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times  
CJ-2019-549 496 Holstein Circle, Sterling 79,000 28-Nov-19 Kivell County Times