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Property Valuation Website Tips


Click HERE to be taken to the Property Valuation Website.

The property valuation website is a great tool, but can be confusing on how to use. Here are some helpful tips to get started:


Information Tabs

There are 3 tabs along the top, left hand side of the screen Map Image, Tabular Search, and Sale Search. These are your primary navigation tools when using the website.


Map Image

The map image tab will show you the satellite map of Comanche County and the individual parcels. You can zoom in and out or drag the map around to locate a particular parcel. If you have located a parcel of interest on the map and would like to get information on it, you can click on the small, round "i" icon on the tool bar in the top, left hand corner beneath the three tabs. After that icon is selected, click on the parcel of interest and more information will appear to the left under the "Land Parcel Information" box.


Tabular Search


If you don't know where a parcel is located, but have other information, such as the account number, owner's name, or the situs/physical address, you can go to the tabular search. If you find the parcel you are looking for in the tabular search, and you select that parcel, you can then go back to the Map Image and it will automatically zoom in and highlight the selected parcel.


Sale Search

Sale search works much the same way as Tabular Search, but you are searching by sale information instead of account, owner's name, etc.


Tabular Search - Expanded

The Tabular Search is one of the most powerful tools on the property valuation website. Here are some additional tips on how to input information into the search boxes and what to do after you get results.



  • If you wish to search by "Account", but you don't know the account number, you may call the Assessor's Office at 580-355-1052 to get that information. All accounts have a 9-digit number, beginning with the prefix "16" (example: 160082937 is the Comanche County Courthouse account number). NOTE: Use as little search information as possible, too much information can confuse the system.
  • To search by "Owners Name", insert LAST name first, a comma, then FIRST name (example: Johnson, Joe).


Click "Search" when you are done entering the information you wish the system to search under.


Getting Information


  • Under "Search Results", a line of information should appear (as long as you have entered the correct information into the search boxes). Click the line of the parcel you wish to get information for and the initial results will show to the right of the screen under the "Land Parcel Information" box.
  • If you click the "Assessment Detail" button in the lower right-hand corner of the "Land Parcel Information" box, a window will pop up on your screen with a PDF report of that parcel. Sometimes, this can take a moment to appear.
  • If the window is too small, you can place your cursor at the edges of the window and click/drag the screen to make it larger. You can then scroll down the pages of the report. You can also print the report from this window (top, right hand corner).
  • If you want to see where that parcel is located in Comanche County visually, click the Map Image tab in the top left corner of the original window. The system will automatically zoom and highlight the selected parcel.