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District 3: Road & Bridge Report (Aug 2011)


Road_workHot and dry weather is still a big factor in what we can do to the roads.  Our concern, too, is the long term affect of severe dryness on oil and chipped improved and gravel roads.  Cracks caused by the lack of ground moisture allow water to seep into the road surface and base.  This causes deterioration when it freezes in winter.

As part of the FEMA (reimbursement and mitigation) project, we have scarified and reshaped one-half mile of Red Elk Road, from Bishop Road going south.  We will oil and chip it later this summer after we have some traffic on it, and hopefully some rain, to determine if there are any bad spots. We did not make it to Deyo Mission Road as I reported last month, but we are stockpiling the material and will get to it soon.

Also funded by FEMA, we have put overlays on Pecan Road from 82nd Street to Goodyear Road and Woodlawn Road between 82nd Street to 67th Street.

Redoing a road requires a lot of water and the current shortage has hampered road work throughout the district.

In our meeting with the small town mayors several months ago, we agreed that if they would pay for the materials, we would prepare the street and lay down the oil and chips. The Chattanooga City Council had funds to oil and chip 20 blocks in their town.

Lee Blvd status:  Smith Roberts Land Services, the company we contracted with to acquire the rights of way, reports they have three parcels to finalize.  The next phase is moving utilities which involve two rural water districts, Cotton Electric and AT&T phone lines.  At last week’s Commissioner’s meeting, we approved the County Utility Relocation Agreement with Comanche County RWD #4, which was sent to Cobb Engineering and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.  We are pressing hard to be ready to let the construction contract around the first of year.

We received approval to finish resurfacing old Cache Road, between Paint Road and the Cache city limits, on the County Road and Bridge Improvement program - funds are administrated by the Circuit Engineering District six.   Comanche County is one of six counties which make up this board.  I sit on the board as the Comanche County representative.

Indiahoma_SchoolsThis month we worked with Indiahoma Public Schools to help them prepare for the upcoming school year by clearing out old playground equipment and removing the old wood chips.  The crew then spread their new ground cover on the play ground.

We also hauled several loads of sand for Cameron University to their arena for an upcoming event they have planned.

At the request of Church Elders, we lowered the speed limit from 55 miles per hour to 45 on Deyo Mission Road, in front of the church and cemetery.

As you may know, as required by the U.S. Constitution, a nationwide population census is taken every 10 years.  Based on that count the U.S Congress, the Oklahoma Senate and House redistrict the state based on population.   During this last legislative session, State Legislators completed this task.  In addition, the law requires county commissioner districts to be redrawn based on population. The Comanche County Commissioner districts did not change significantly, but the Senate and House did, which will affect some precincts.  Some citizens will have to vote in a different place.  This will be determined by the Election Board in the near future and we will advise the voters as more information becomes available.

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