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District 3: Road & Bridge Report (Jan 2012)


We hope all of you have had a terrific start to your New Year.

Comanche County District 3 is in full force after the holidays and we are thankful there were no wildfires, snow or ice storms.

Our road building crew recycled and reshaped the roadbed on Big Bow Road, between Rogers Lane and Holsey Road.  When the weather warms we can oil and chip it, as well as Big Bow Road, from old Cache Road south to the dead end past Coombs Road, that we got ready last fall.

The road building crew is also using the Bomag recycler to rip up Stoney Point Road, between Welch Road and Macintosh Road. It, too, will be oiled and chipped later this summer.

The guys are finishing the final work on Tinney Road, between 97th and 112th Streets, getting it ready to be resurfaced.

All of these roads are part of the FEMA funded road projects which were damaged in the 2009 ice storm.

There are 13 miles of roads in the District, as well as 1st and Elm Streets in Cache, that have been made ready to be oil and chipped when the weather warms.  We know all of you that live on, or near, these roads are looking forward to getting them finished, and we are anxious to get them done as well.  The roadbeds which are allowed time to have rain and vehicle traffic on them are better prepared and will last longer in our Oklahoma weather.

The bar ditches were also worked along New Hope Road, between Hurst Road and State Highway 36, in preparation to be oiled and chipped later this year.

We have been concerned about edges of Post Oak Road breaking off, causing the road to narrow.  The bar ditches have been worked and dirt filled back against the edge to eliminate the dropoffs and reinforce the edges to slow the deterioration.  We think this will make the road last longer before it has to be redone.

At the request of Town of Chattanooga officials, we worked on some of their streets which needed to be graded and graveled.

Officials from the Town of Medicine Park have asked us to haul fill dirt which was donated to them for their new natural history museum.  The material has been dozed into a stock pile and is ready to be hauled to the museum site when they are ready for it.

You may have noticed we have been trimming trees in the right-of-ways. I know it looks ugly until the trees leaf out, but it is definitely less labor-intensive than trimming them by hand and having to haul off the limbs.  We just do not have the personnel to do that.

In a continuing effort to upgrade our equipment, we purchased a new John Deere backhoe to replace the 20-year-old one, and we got a grant to buy a new wood chipper to replace the old one. Both of the old pieces of equipment will be sold in an auction and the money received will be put back into the Capital Outlay fund.

Lee Blvd. status: Comanche County Rural Water District 4 and Cotton County Rural Water are still in the process of moving their water lines.  A lot of progress has been made by both water districts.  Cotton Electric Co-Op is resetting poles to move their overhead lines and we have been informed AT&T will start putting in their new telephone lines beginning February 1st.  We are still looking forward to an April letting of the road construction contract.

You can access this report monthly at the county website, as well as The County Times.  The official website at www.comanchecounty.us is maintained by Chris Killmer, Public Information Officer for the County.   You can contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   with any questions or comments.