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Road and Bridge Report: District 3 (May 2013)


And the rains came!  And when they did, the results were many of the bridges were clogged with limbs, logs and other debris.  The two-years of severe drought caused many trees to die and fall into the creeks and high water washed them down stopping up bridges causing flooding of many roads and also resulting in road damage.

The District 3 crew has spent the better part of two weeks cleaning out clogged bridges and burning the debris.  Had the bridges not been cleaned, the next heavy rains would have cause more flooding, road damage and possible loss of the bridge itself.

Flooding also occurred on Lee Blvd east of the Boulder Creek Bridge washing away the shoulder and undermining the new asphalt road surface. We used a cement mixture call "flowable fill" to reinforce the road and prevent damage in case future flooding occurs.

The road crew patched several bad spots on MeersPorterhill Road, and they graveled a stretch of Wolf Road.  The crew did finish preparing Post Oak Road between Bishop Road and the Post Oak Creek Bridge for oil and chipping this summer.

Due to the rains, we did not have time to begin redoing portions of Four-Mile, Tackle Box and Stoney Point Roads.  Those will be next on our list for being redone this summer.

T&G Construction was the low bidder on the Deyo Mission Road Asphalt Overlay Project.  The road between Old Cache Road and Lee Blvd. will be resurfaced with two inches of asphalt.

Road Forman, Kenny Kinder and I met with representatives from the Comanche Nation and BIA regarding the bridge that will replace the low water crossing on Lee Blvd. and Post Oak Creek.  The Comanche Nation paid for the bridge and when completed, it will be turned over to us to maintain.

 At the request of Cache Public Schools, dirt work was done for the school’s new Ag show barn.

Chattanooga officials asked us to do repair work on the town’s streets.  The municipality pays for the material used in any work done at their request.

Bids were accepted for a front end loader to replace our 30 year old one.  The low bidder was John Deere and we took delivery last week.

We have been working with a representative from Summit Resources who is doing preliminary work for a Sunoco pipeline that will cross the western part of the County. When finished, the pipeline will carry 70,000 barrels of oil daily from Wheeler County Texas in the panhandle to Ringgold, TX where it will connect to existing pipelines going to refineries on the Texas coast.

Lee Blvd Status:  It is finished!  The ribbon cutting to officially open the road was held on April 9th.  Many of the people from various entities that had been involved from planning to its completion were invited to participate in the ceremony.  They included Former Commissioner Susan Ulrich, Kenny Wall, Oklahoma Circuit Engineering District #6, Bryan Nusbaum, Local Government Division of ODOT, Danny Powell and Wayne Clark with Cobb Engineering, Will Owens, Adrian Tehauno, and Theo Neido with Comanche Nation, and  ODOT inspectors, Justin Zimmerman, Jerry Harwell and Maurice Faulkner .

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Canyon Creek bridgeWEB


The heavy rains caused a large amont of debris to wash down the creeks against the bridges.  This is Canyon Creek Bridge on the Meers Porterhill Road.  The District 3 crew has begun clearing it away and burning it.