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District 3: Road and Bridge Report
Don Hawthorne, County Commissioner District 3

All of the rain we have had the last two years have been great compared to the drought of the last few preceding years. But we continue to work to keep up with rain and flood damage and have gotten behind on mowing and oil and chipping the roads that are scheduled to be redone this summer. We will make every effort to catch up before winter weather.

The rains that caused road and bridge damage this year started on April 16th and went off and on through June 13th. We have lost track of how many times we have had to clear debris from bridges and culverts and to re-gravel and re-grade roads.

The worst damage this year was the bridge on Bandy Road where it crosses Big Sandy Creek. The south approach was washed out completely. It cost us an estimated $50,000 to repair it so the road could be opened.

The heavy rains washed out a set of three tin horns on Tinney Rd east of 52nd Street. After they were installed and the road way built up the rains on June 11 and 12 caused additional damage that had to be repaired. Also the June 11th rain storm flooded and washed asphalt off of the bridge at Maddische Road north of State Highway 49.

The low water crossing on Autumn Drive had to be repaired two times because of high water from the run off.

The Legislature, in order to pass a state budget took 1 million dollars from the ODOT equipment revolving fund, which we had used to buy 3 new Mack 10-wheeler dump trucks and a patch truck and took 50 million dollars from the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges (CIRB) Fund. This is a dedicated fund that was established some time ago to assist counties with building roads and bridges that most could not afford to do on their own. Comanche County has a number of outdated bridges that are on a 5-year plan to be replaced. This action by the Legislature may delay the replacement for 8 years.

We met with a representative from Oklahoma Emergency Management to survey our damage from the June 11th and 12th rains. This was a preliminary assessment to see if the County qualifies for FEMA assistance. Unfortunately it did not include the damage from all the rains that we received prior to that date.

The road crew is recycling roads getting them ready to oil and chip this summer. G Street between 1st & 2nd Streets in Cache, Paint Road from the railroad tracks north to Rogers Lane, New Hope from Hurst Rd to S.H. 36, Coombs Rd from 82nd to 112th St. and Havenshire Circle in Pecan Valley South. If time permits, we plan to do McIntosh Rd from S.H. 58 east for about a mile.

We took delivery of two 2017 International single axle dump trucks. One will replace the old patch truck and the other will be used with the backhoe. We also bought a flat bed low-boy trailer to haul our heavy equipment to job sites.

We hauled in dirt for Chattanooga School where they are making a playground out of a parking lot that was donated to them. We put millings from the City of Cache street project on the road by the Cache School’s elementary building where parent’s line up to pick up children and also hauled sand to a playground.

The guys hauled dirt into the Coliseum at the Comanche County Fairgrounds for an upcoming horse show, and we swept the shoulders of State Highway 115 from Cache to the Refuge for the Tour of the Wichita’s Bike Race.

If you have questions or concerns, I can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or you may phone the County Barn at 580-429-3217.