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The Sheriff's House Sale

The Sheriff's House Sale is a public auction to sell repossessed properties, and it occurs periodically throughout the year. Sales are usually held on a scheduled Monday, at 11:00am in the Commissioners' Meeting Room at the Courthouse (Room 302). A list of properties is listed below. Be advised that the list is subject to change, and may not be complete. For a current list, you will have to visit the Sheriff's Office at the Courthouse (Room 102).


December 17, 2018

CJ-2018-83 Read Legal 80,000 08-Nov-18 Mee Constitution    
CJ-2018-386 Read Legal 42,000 08-Nov-18 Mee Constitution    
CJ-2018-106 3826 NW Arlington Avenue 50,000 08-Nov-18 Kozeny Constitution    
CJ-2018-498 5342 NW Elm Avenue 58,000 15-Nov-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-428 156 SW 69th Street 62,500 15-Nov-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2017-807 309 NW Parkwood Lane 85,000 15-Nov-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2017-675 4714 SE Sunnymeade Dr 69,000 15-Nov-18 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2018-562 1128 NW Oak Avenue 20,000 15-Nov-18 Shapiro County Times RECALL 28-Nov-18
CJ-2018-363 4005 NE Mossy Oak Drive 235,000 17-Nov-18 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2018-401 2906 NW 17th Street 30,000 15-Nov-18 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2018-420 201 N 1st Street, Sterling 15,000 15-Nov-18 Sims Constitution    
CJ-2018-328 106 NW 14th Street 30,000 15-Nov-18 Riggs Constitution    
CJ-2018-308 2323 NW 43rd Street 47,000 15-Nov-18 Nunley Constitution    
CJ-2018-233 4811 NW Cheyenne Avenue 50,000 15-Nov-18 Kelley Constitution    

January 7, 2019

CJ-2018-461 2603 NE Euclid Avenue 37,500 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2013-655 2402 NW 41st Street 25,000 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-395 1609 NW Lawton Avenue 35,000 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-408 408 NW 55th Street 54,000 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2017-596 1812 NW Columbia Avenue 15,000 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-318 1328 SE Clover Lane 59,000 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2017-866 4707 NE Bell Avenue 76,000 15-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2016-798 2204 NW 37th Street 31,000 22-Nov-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-96 1715 SW Garfield Avenue 10,000 06-Dec-18 Shapiro County Times    
CJ-2018-350 1103 NW Laird Avenue 70,000 06-Dec-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-388 115 NE Bell Drive 75,000 06-Dec-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-336 2301 NW Robinhood Drive 72,000 06-Dec-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-479 18 NW 59th Street 60,000 06-Dec-18 Kivell County Times    
CJ-2018-529 816 NW Ferris Avenue 72,000 06-Dec-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-524 605 SE Meiling Drive 50,000 06-Dec-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-315 106 NE English 15,000 06-Dec-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-527 6137 SW Park Avenue 62,000 06-Dec-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2017-584 303 SW 72nd Street 62,000 06-Dec-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-557 109 East C Avenue, Cache 45,000 06-Dec-18 Mock County Times    
CJ-2018-28 1916 NW Ozmun Avenue 52,000 06-Dec-18 Mock County Times    
CJ-2017-164 392 NE Airstrip Road, Fletcher 45,000 06-Dec-18 Shapiro Chronicle    
CJ-2018-520 1215 NW Baldwin Avenue 15,000 05-Dec-18 Kozeny Constitution    
CJ-2018-578 407 NW 74th Street 72,000 06-Dec-18 Baer County Times    
CJ-2018-567 5325 NW Oak Avenue 22,000 NON PUB Mock   RECALL 03-Dec-18