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Inmate Visitation


Special Rules


1. Due to the size of the Comanche County Detention Center, all visiting will be done by cell assignment. If an inmate's cell assignment is changed due to disciplinary problems, you will not be allowed to visit until the new cell assignment's next regularly scheduled visit time. Visitation is allowed on weekends only.

2. The administrator, under special circumstances, will approve special visits only.

3. Inmates placed in Administrative Segregation are not normally allowed visitation, due to the fact that this is a disciplinary unit, until such time as they are removed from Administrative Segregation and returned to General Population.

4. Bringing or possession of contraband in a jail or correctional facility (Statute 57.21) is a FELONY.


Requirements for Visitation

1. All visitors must fill out an inmate Visitation Request Form.

2. All visitors must follow the Visitation Rules. These rules are strictly enforced.


Visiting Hours

All visiting will take place on Saturday or Sunday of each week. All visitors must sign in 30 minutes prior to the actual start of the visiting period. For example, if you wish to visit during the morning visiting period, you must sign in during the 0800-0830 time frame.

Inmate Visitation Hours


If you have any questions, you may contact the Detention Center at 580-250-1902.