Dear Citizen of Comanche County,

Safety and Security are words that we choose to live by each day. It is a philosophy that starts with the correctional officer who works in direct contact with the inmates we house all the way up to the administration of this facility. It is the number one goal of the Comanche County Detention Center to provide a safe and secure facility for not only the inmates we house and the staff who oversees them, but also for the public whom we, as County employees, serve. When the first inmate was housed at the Detention Center in January of 2004, we began with this philosophy – and it has never changed. Our staff undergoes strong training in these principles and are constantly receiving continuing education.

Our commitment does not stop there. The Comanche County Detention Center has also implemented several different programs in an effort to help reduce the overall recidivism rate within the County. These programs include volunteer programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, a G.E.D. program and various religious programs. These programs are staffed by members of the public who freely donate their time after rigorous screening to provide these services to inmates free of any cost. These programs alone provide these inmates with the tools to make a better life for themselves once they return to the outside world in hopes that they can use the lessons learned and, thereby, lessen the likelihood of their returning to incarceration.

In addition, the Comanche County Detention Center has a strong medical operation located within the facility that utilizes a Physician’s Assistant and two Licensed Practical Nurses. This step, alone, has proven to have saved the County money by treating many of the common medical needs of the inmates in-house instead of causing a financial expenditure by transporting inmates to the hospital for routine attention. Should a situation arise, however, that requires more serious attention, the Detention Center has an agreement with the Comanche County Memorial Hospital to provide care while working with us to keep safety and security a top priority.

The concerns of inmates are not overlooked at the Comanche County Detention Center. Inmates have a direct connection with the staff by use of a “Request of Staff” program. In this program, inmates may voice their concerns to the staff via these forms and each form is then reviewed and appropriate action is taken.

Inmates under the care of the Comanche County Detention Center also receive well balanced meals of above standard quality. Our full-time food services supervisor works directly with the administrative staff to provide a menu approved by certified and licensed dieticians and meet or exceed the required nutritional criteria.

The Comanche County Detention Center is under the constant and watchful eye of the State Fire Marshal’s office as well as the State of Oklahoma Department of Health/Jail Division by means of routine and unannounced inspections to ensure accountability of the measures we provide to establish ourselves as a safe and secure facility. The Detention Center also strives for higher standards such as are required in order to house Oklahoma Department of Corrections and Federal inmates.

Many of these plans and measures further ensure that the administration remains good stewards of the taxpayers’ money by reducing the cost of lawsuits filed by inmates who are incarcerated within the facility. The Detention Center staff also works in direct contact with the judges of Comanche County as well as the District Attorney’s office and area Law Enforcement Agencies.

Understanding that there may be questions that you, as a Citizen of Comanche County may have, I welcome you to contact me personally to discuss our facility – designed for your security. You may reach me via phone at 580-250-1902 or you may use the contact tab above to contact me via email. I sincerely welcome your comments and suggestions.


Bill Hobbs, Administrator
Comanche County Detention Center