Carrie Tubbs
County Clerk
Term: January 2017 – December 2020

315 SW 5th Street, Suite 304
Lawton, OK 73501

The County Clerk’s Office handles and maintains county records, excluding court and marriage records. State Statutes have made the County Clerk’s Office responsible for the duties of the Registrar of Deeds. In addition, the County Clerk’s Office: handles secretarial duties for the Board of County Commissioners, compiles the budgets submitted by all county offices, and acts as the county purchasing agent.

Record Keeper
Excluding court and marriage records, the County Clerk’s Office is responsible for keeping all county records. These records include: deeds, mortgages, development plats, tax liens, and Uniform Commercial Codes, among others.

Open Records Act
The Oklahoma Open Records Act allows the public to have full access to public records (unless there is a privacy concern) at any time during normal business hours. The County Clerk’s Office is to facilitate making the records open to the public.

Secretarial Duties
The County Clerk’s Office also acts as the secretary for the Board of County Commissioners. The County Clerk, or a Deputy, must attend and prepare the agenda for the Board of County Commissioners meetings. They must keep the seals, records, and papers for the meeting and attest the records with the County seal. The County Clerk’s Office creates and keeps the minutes for the Board of County Commissioners meetings, among other lawful duties.

The County Clerk’s Office aids in the compilation of budgets from county offices for review by the Board of County Commissioners. In addition, they compile the budgets submitted by cities, towns and school districts within Comanche County and presents them to the County Excise Board.

They aid in preparing the annual budget for the county, and also provide accounts payable and payroll functions for all county officers and departments.

The County Clerk’s Office also assists in the bidding and purchasing of items for the county.