Robert Morales
Court Clerk
Term: January 2017 – December 2020

315 SW 5th St, Suite 504
Lawton, OK 73501


Civil Office:
Small Claims Office: 580-250-5093
Criminal Office: 580-355-4017
Cost Administrator: 580-581-4552
Cost Administrator: 580-581-4553

The Court Clerk’s Office is responsible for recording, filing, and maintaining the proceedings of the District Court in Comanche County as permanent records. The Court Clerk’s Office is also responsible for collecting fines, fees, and forfeitures. A portion of these monies is a source of revenue for the operation of the Court Clerk’s Office and the courts. Expenditures could include: jurors and witness fees, public defender salaries, transcript purchases, printing of forms, postage, utilities, courtroom maintenance, furniture, equipment, and general supplies. The balance of monies collected is sent to the State Judicial Fund for the operation of District Courts throughout the State.

Additionally, the Court Clerk’s Office is responsible for providing personnel to District, Associate and Special Judges, and maintaining statistics regarding the filing and disposition of all cases. The Court Clerk is charged with maintaining the integrity of all County District Court cases, pursuant to Oklahoma State Statutes.

The Court Clerk’s Office is divided into 3 offices: Civil, Criminal, and Small Claims. There are 21 deputies working across all 3 offices in the Comanche County Courthouse.

Civil Office
The Civil Office is responsible for dealing with civil cases and domestic relations. On the civil side, they handle any case over $6,000, including: damages, equity, writs, civil cases, injunctions, and garnishments. On the domestic relations side, they handle: divorce, separations, annulments, emergency protective orders, income assignments, and paternity cases.

Their office is located at 315 SW 5th Street, Suite 207, Lawton, OK 73501; their phone number is 580-581-4565.

Criminal Office
The Criminal Office is responsible for dealing with criminal cases, including: felonies, misdemeanors, warrants, traffic violations, and wildlife violations. They also handle passports, court docket, motions docket, jury duty scheduling and collection of all fines, fees and forfeitures.

Their office is located at 315 SW 5th Street, Suite 504, Lawton, OK 73501; their phone number is 580-355-4017.

Small Claims Office
The Small Claims Office is responsible for handling civil cases under $10,000, including: garnishments, recovery of personal property, and recovery of money based on contract. They also handle licensing, including: marriage, minister’s credentials, servers, and transient merchant.

Their office is located at 315 SW 5th Street, Room 205, Lawton, OK 73501; their phone number is 580-250-5093.

Cost Administrator
The cost administrators handle payment plans for all fines/court fees.

Cost Administrators’ Office
315 SW 5th Street, Room 504
Lawton, OK 73501