The Emergency Management Office receives and maintains storm shelter information within Comanche County from residents. They are informed of new or existing storm shelters by the public. The Emergency Management Office does not collect or receive this information from any other source. Below is information and instructions on storm shelter registration:

How the Information Will Be Used
After you give the Emergency Management Office your storm shelter information, it is plotted on a map using a DEQ software called Marplot. In the event of a disaster, the information may be given to the Incident Command conducting rescues. How the information is used will be up to the Incident Commander. They may decide not to use the information, or they may only use part. The Emergency Management Office will only assist them in their rescue efforts.

How to Register Your Storm Shelter

Over the Phone: 
You may call the Emergency Management Office at
580-355-0535 to register your storm shelter. Be prepared to provide the following information:

Your Name
Phone Number
Out of State Contact
Location of Storm Shelter (give location based on SW corner of house/slab)

Online (fill out form below):

  • give location based on SW corner of house/slab

If you have any questions, you may contact the Emergency Management Office at 580-355-0535.