Implementation Procedures

Administration Rules
Pending Veterans Receiving Disability Compensation at 100%
Transfer of Exemption

Oklahoma Constitution Article 10 Section 8E
Effective November 5, 2014

General Provisions
(a) The procedures and requirements set out in this subchapter shall be used to implement the exemption of the full fair cash value for homestead property and household personal property of qualified owners for ad valorem purposes.

(b)     The “one hundred percent disabled veterans exemption” refers to the implementation of the constitutional amendments added to the Oklahoma Constitution, Article 10, § 8E, by State Question 715, effective January 1, 2006 and Article 10, § 8D, by State Question 735, effective January 1, 2009. In November 2014 State Question 770 was adopted adding an amendment to Article 10 § 8E Oklahoma Constitution which provides for transferring the exemption to another qualifying homestead property within the same calendar year. The amendments direct county assessors to exempt the total amount of the actual fair cash value of the homestead real property and household personal property of any qualified person who has made proper application. The applicant’s real property must be a valid homestead property, with evidence of a homestead exemption, or eligible for homestead exemption. As with any homestead-based exemption, the general statues governing homestead exemption qualification apply to the one hundred percent disabled veteran’s exemption. Only one homestead, and by extension, only one exemption, is permitted in any one year, per applicant. The exemption applies only to owner-occupied homestead property and may not be applied to any non-homestead property. [See: 68 O.S. §§ 2888, 2889, 2890, 2893]

Relationship to other exemptions and programs
Although the general law applies to applicants, since the actual fair cash value is exempt from ad valorem tax for qualified applicants, applications for other homestead specific property tax exemptions are unnecessary.

Qualified Owner
Applicants must be heads of households who have been honorably discharged from active service in a branch of the Armed Forces of the United States or Oklahoma National Guard, and who have been certified by the United States and the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, or its successor, to have one hundred percent (100%) permanent disability sustained through military action or accident, or resulting from a disease contracted while in active service. The exemption extends to the surviving spouses of such veterans who are certified by the United States and the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs to receive benefits under the terms of this subchapter. Each applicant must provide to the county assessor, a current United States and the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs benefits award letter that certifies the one hundred percent service-related disability, or that the individual is in receipt of compensation at the one-hundred percent rate.

(a)     In order to be eligible for the one hundred percent disabled veterans exemption, the individual must apply at the county assessor’s office by completing an Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption, Oklahoma Tax Commission Form 998with a copy of their Veteran ID Card or Military ID included. The application should be made between January 1 and March 15th in the same manner as for homestead exemptions. However, if the county assessor becomes aware of an otherwise-qualified applicant at any time during the current tax year, the county assessor may, upon compliance with all qualification criteria, make the appropriate adjustment. Providing all homestead requirements are met, if an otherwise qualified applicant receives their one hundred percent (100%) disability rating effective on or before the date of application, the property is exempt for the entire year regardless of the status of disability on January 1. If an otherwise-qualified applicant is discovered after the tax roll has been certified, then a tax roll correction may be made pursuant to 68 O.S. § 2871(C)(2). Any applications that are denied by the county assessor shall be subject to the same protest procedure as provided for homestead exemption. If the disability rating of any veteran participating in the exemption program is reduced by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to less than one hundred percent, the veteran shall immediately notify the county assessor of the change in status. Failure to do so will result in loss of any future homestead exemption pursuant to 68 O.S. §§ 2892(K) and 2900.

(b)     To transfer the exemption to a newly acquired homestead property the qualified veteran or surviving spouse of the veteran must file Form 998-B, the Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Exemption Acquired Homestead Property with the county assessor. Beginning with the month the deed instrument is filed of public record and the application is approved the homestead property will be exempt to the same extent as the homestead property previously owned by such person or persons for the year during which the new homestead property is acquired and each year thereafter providing qualifications are maintained.

(c)     The exemption application must be filed in the year requested. Filing for previous years is prohibited pursuant to Oklahoma Constitution Article 10 § 22A.

Duties of the Assessor
(a)     The county assessor has the authority to review any information provided by the applicant, ask any necessary questions, request documentation including, but not limited to: Military I.D., Veterans Administration benefits card, current Oklahoma driver license or any other information that the assessor may feel is relevant for the initial application, transfer, or any time in subsequent years. The county assessor shall deny any application that is inaccurate, incomplete, inadequately documented, or otherwise invalid pursuant to this subchapter.

(b)     Any adjustment after the adjournment of the County Board of Equalization must be approved by the Board of Tax Roll Corrections.

Duration: conditions which terminate the exemption
The 100% Disabled Veterans Exemption is valid on the property as long as the taxpayer or surviving spouse owns and occupies the property and remains eligible for homestead exemption. If title to the property is transferred or qualifications are no longer met, the exemption shall be terminated and the value of the property shall be subject to valuation the following year pursuant to Oklahoma Constitution, Article 10, § 8.